Welcome to the National Career Development
 Association's Credentialing Commission. 

  • Due to the current increase in the number of applicants, there is a longer wait time for processing. We apologize for this delay.
  • Tech Update to Credential Application Software Scheduled for January 1-20, 2020.
     Due to scheduled maintenance to Fluid Review, the software system that processes NCDA credentialing applications, there will be no access to any credential applications, case studies, reviews, etc. from January 1st through January 20th.  If you are planning to complete a credential application during the holiday break, please make sure it’s completed in full by January 1st at midnight.  After that time, no one will be able to access the credentialing database until January 20th (this includes NCDA staff and Credentialing Commission reviewers).  This also means that there will be no reviews completed during this time, which will slow down the process of awarding credentials.  Please be patient during this transition, and if you have any questions, contact Credentialing Director Aaron Leson at aleson@ncda.org

The National Career Development Association created the NCDA Credentialing Commission in 2016 in order to develop and administer credentialing in the career development and planning field.  Use this website to apply for a credential.

Please direct questions to:
 305 North Beech Circle
 Broken Arrow, OK 74012
 Phone: (918) 663-7060

Please note: Your NCDA Membership Login will not work on this page. If you have not created a credentialing account, you must do so before you begin the application process. 

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